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3 Popular Free Games for Android

Google play store is an android app market and android games are the largest in the world. Lots of game genres and types of android apps in google play store. Therefore, the android smartphone users around the world today want to download android apps and games then definitely it will seek in the android's largest market. The most popular android games today are very much if we are looking at google play store. Various types of genre or theme of the popular android games can be found either free or paid. An advantage for us if using a smartphone with android operating system, because we would be faced with a large selection of games very much.

1. Subway Surfers

Most popular first android game is a game that has been downloaded by Android users around the world. With this game you can run to avoid inspectors and vicious dogs by crossing a lot of buses. And you also have to avoid these buses to get a lot of points.

The latest update of the game Subway Surfers is a game is already in the package graphics are very nice. Another variation is that you can use the board and also jetpack to survive. Perhaps Subway Surfers is the most popular game on android is mandatory for you to try.

2. Clash of Clans

War strategy game exciting for the next android platform is a game which is currently a trending topic for the online game android. Of course the game Clash of Clans is very popular, in because the gameplay is very unique and will probably be a game that keeps us hooked.
Game Clash of Clans can make you a king in a village. You can defend your village from the opponent's attack by building a very strong fortress to survive. And then in this online strategy game you can also create an army to penetrate the defenses of your enemy.

3. Clash of Kings

A game that at first glance seems very similar to the gameplay COC and this game could be the best multiplayer games on android. You can build a huge empire and could make a formidable forts to make your defense stronger.
Real time strategy war game that this one could be an alternative COC steady play. With graphics

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